One of my greatest skill sets is the ability to break down complex technical and legal issues in plain English. I gain total comprehension of the subject I’m asked to teach, find the commonality with current situations to engage the student and immerse them in the subject.   We all want to improve our workforce and managers and understand that its necessary to growth and engagement, but we don’t have time or resources to do this.  Let me help you design a curriculum that not only mitigates risk by training in high risk areas to your business but also engages your workforce.  Everything is customized and built for your organization – just delivering a canned training without learning your culture and policies and procedures is nothing more than checking a box.  Why not get more out of your training?

Training can be conducted in person or via webinar or even recorded for later use.


I’ve been developing training across myriad topics for the past decade to ensure compliance.  I have training built in a range of topics from what is a contract to Export Control laws. Here’s a small sampling of training we can work together to deliver to your team:

  • Sexual harassment and equal employment opportunity
  • Procurement Integrity Act
  • Export Control
  • Intellectual Property
  • Ethics
  • False Claims Act
  • Interviewing


If you’re like most organizations, your managers became managers by being the best employee in a department.  They weren’t trained in management theories and have no real understanding of what it takes to be a manager other than what they have been able to glean from managers they’ve worked for in their career.

I read management books and love to present concepts in clear concise presentations to provide a range of theories for managers to have in a toolkit.   Let’s look at your management team from a strategic standpoint and develop cost-effective ways to help them get better.

Motivation 2.0 - Drive!

I’m certified in the Drive! Motivation 2.0 theories of Daniel Pink and would love to share Dan’s theories of purpose, mastery and autonomy with your organization.   Let’s talk about how I can help your organization find its purpose and propel your employees to do their best work and accelerate growth.

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